Communicating in the language of the country you are traveling is a plus point. Although, basic English is spoken by majority of the Nepalese, speaking in Nepali will surely help in connecting with the locals and engaging your conversation. 

Learn nepali

Here you go with a few Nepali words with English translation.

  • Hello, Hi – Namaste! 

  • Good morning- Shuva prabhat

  • Good evening- Shuva sandhya

  • Good night- Shuva ratri

  • What is your name?- Tapai ko naam k ho?

  • My name is John- Mero naam John ho.

  • Where do you live?- Tapai ko ghar ka ho?

  • My hometown is  Pokhara- Mero ghar Pokhara ho.

  • What is the time?- Kati bajyo?

  • Time is 1 o’ clock- Ek bajyo


1- Ek                                                                                           

2- Dui                                                      


4- Chaar                                                    

5- Paanch

6- Cha

7- Saath

8- Aath

9- Nau

10- Dus